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A Season of Simplicity

I have been telling myself that what I needed was to start sharing my heart for what it is. To be authentically me. To share the ups and downs. The adventure and exploration. The peace, calm, and simplicity.

We just got back from a week-long vacation exploring and adventuring through some of the greatest outdoor recreation areas in the US: The Black Canyon/Hoover Dam, The Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, and Zion National Park. I started to map out how I would share the pictures from our trip on Instagram and social media and then worrying about the captions. Then all of a sudden what was meant to be sharing authentically me and the beauty of this trip we just took somehow turned into this downward spiral of getting so many likes and attracting followers and ultimately...acceptance. Why is it that I always go there?

Something that came to me in this week’s explorations was this deep need within me to be more present. That the outdoors is my most treasured place in this world. That I feel at home outside and unplugged. I appreciate life and this incredible world more than ever. I am able to step into my true self more. I feel whole. These are all things I have struggled to feel on a consistent basis. I have spent countless hours over the past couple months trying to get back to that place of peace and fullness. How do I reach that place and stay there?

This trip taught me it means simplifying. It means getting to the root of what matters most to me in life. It means removing distraction—and endless screen time. It means getting outside. It means stop consuming and start giving. Less TV and phones, more imagination, exploration, and creativity. This marks a major day of change on a journey to simplicity and being present.

So here I am today, typing this as a way to get my heart out there, share my story, and heal myself back to that place of peace without the worry of so many likes or how popular I may or may not be because of it. I am here to share my heart. To be raw and real. To share my vulnerabilities and lessons learned. To share the joy and happiness of life. The laughter. The tears. The adventure. To be truly free. Cheers to this newest adventure!

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